Setting Goals

Rather than write another blog post about the merits of setting goals for the New Year and re-hashing what everyone else has already read or heard elsewhere, I’ve decided to take a different approach.  I wanted to share a HUGE revelation that came to me after reading TONS of books, websites, blogs on goal setting . . .


That is it.  No excuses.  How do you lose weight in 2011?  You got it, eat less and workout more!  How do you get out of debt?  Yup, spend less and pay down BAD debt.  Want to start a website this year?  Buy a domain and build it.

My point here is obvious.  We already have the knowledge within ourselves to be and do whatever we want.

Here is my challenge to myself – write down what I need to do and hold myself accountable to two people.  I am going to ask them to check in with me throughout the course of the year.  I am also going to make a commitment to review my goals each week.

Here is my challenge to you, write down what you want and DO IT!

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