Post Year’s Resolutions

We are officially halfway through the first month of the New Year. Right about now is a perfect time to make what I call Post Year’s resolutions.  So what’s the difference between a New Year’s resolution and a Post Year’s resolution?  I’ll share my thoughts below.

Wrong Emphasis

I subscribe to a LOT of personal finance and self development blogs.  The typical advice is to set new goals and create new habits for the coming year, trying to improve in areas where they feel short in the previous year – dieting, personal finance, etc. The problem I see with this is that people (myself included) don’t take time to look back at the past year to REFLECT.  If they do, they only reference it for things they should have done differently, completely missing the life lessons they have already learned.

Post Year’s resolutions focus on what you did RIGHT and how you can continue building on the momentum of the past year.  As you jot down your goals for 2011, try asking yourself these questions …

What were some of the biggest lessons I learned in 2010?

  1. What did I enjoy most about 2010?  How can I continue to do more of this in 2011?
  2. Who were the people I enjoyed spending my time with?  How can I spend more time with them in 2011?
  3. What habits made me most effective – at the gym, work, dieting, etc?  How can I improve on those?
  4. Did I pick any new interests or hobbies in 2010?  How can I continue to nourish those in the coming year?
  5. What were the top 5 moments/events of 2010?  Why?  How can I continue to do/create more of those in 2011?

Referencing your Post Year’s resolutions when creating your New Year’s goals should help you anchor 2011 to people, places, things and ideas of interest to you.  This will ensure that you are doing more of what cultivates you as an individual.

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