Multi Millionaire Real Estate Investor

In this session of the Business of podcast I talk with Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor Matthew Martinez about his new book, “How to Make Money in Real Estate in the New Economy”.

Matthew is the best selling author of three investing books.   He established the Beacon Hill Property Group, a private investment company that acquires income-producing properties.  In 2002 he founded the Landlord and Investor Group, which is the largest investment association in New England (over 2,500 members).  He is currently the adviser to several private equity groups that have raised more than $1 billion dollars to acquire distressed multifamily assets …just to name a few of his qualifications…

During this episode we cover

  • Why NOW is the best time to buy investment property, despite what the media is saying.
  • How to identify a “farm” area and why it is better to invest locally than far away.
  • Strategies you can implement immediately to start building wealth in real estate.
  • How to raise private capital from friends and family.
  • Real Estate predictions for 2011.

Here is a note from Matt, especially for the BOU audience

If you buy my book, How To Make Money In Real Estate In The New Economy, I will give you $350 worth of additional products and services. But you must buy it today.

It’s my most important book of the three I’ve written thus far!

Overview of the book

  • The investing strategies practiced just a few years ago are now terribly inadequate for succeeding in today’s distressed real estate market. Investors need to think and act differently if they want to come out on top when the economy eventually rebounds.
  • Yesterday’s most favored strategies will no longer work, but today’s savvy real estate investor can still find great opportunities for growth and profit–if they recognize how recent events are altering the real estate industry.
  • While fully recognizing the mistakes of the past and providing sound advice for taking advantage of future opportunities, HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN REAL ESTATE IN THE NEW ECONOMY provides effective strategies for taking advantage of this new era and shows you how to successfully invest in today’s distressed market.

Our book comes with several bonuses (worth more than $350!) ONLY if you make an Amazon purchase today

#1 – A detailed worksheet to figure income and expense for qualifying for a mortgage when buying investment property.
– Created by Dale Robyn Siegel, author of The New Rules for Mortgages.

#2 –  Free underwriting of your investment property. A well-known investor and multifamily broker based in Southern California will offer a FREE apartment building evaluation.  This offer is limited to the first 100 people.
– By Frank Ponce of Scott Anastasi Realty

#3 – There’s No Free Lunch in Real Estate. The report is a proven program to help you start on the path to building life-changing wealth through real estate.  This Free Report explains this in dollars and cents and gives an easy visual demonstration of why this is so.

– Created by Jon Swire, Author of There’s No Free Lunch In Real Estate

#4 – A discount on the Offer Generator. This program calculates wholesale offers on investment properties

– Created by Mike Summey, author of The Weekend Millionaire’s Secrets to Investing In Real Estate.

#5 – 10 Ways to Buy Low. This report details 10 different ways for investors to buy properties below market.
– Created by Andy Heller, bestselling author of Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High! and co-founder of the free real estate networking site

#6 – 27 Ways To Buy With No Money Down. This report provides no-money-down techniques if you are just starting out; or if you have all your money tied up in other investments; or you want to control as many properties as you can with little or no money

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